Video Tutorial: Creating a Form

Digital forms are a perfect way to add convenience for your patients. Learn more about different form components that help you capture important information and consent prior to appointments.


Creating a digital form through HotHealth allows you to remove the need to collect and store paper...

Webinar: How to use Video Conferencing

We’ve made some important updates to HotHealth’s Video Conferencing that you and your clients will love!

To learn more about how you can make...

Say goodbye to delays due to technology

The pre-call test is available now available for all HotHealth users on your appointments page, via the appointment details page for the specific...

Stockhead Article: Maintain the Telehealth Momentum

Here’s what the telehealth industry wants from ScoMo to maintain momentum

ASX telehealth stocks have had a solid six months, gaining 25 per cent,...

Our top 14 tips for better video calls

How can you make sure that your video call is the best it can be?

You’ve got your technology in place, your staff have learnt how to use the...

Video Tutorial: How to use the video conferencing feature

HotHealth webinar: How to use the video conferencing feature in HotHealth

Use video conferencing to reduce COVID-19 contamination

Healthcare providers to use Video Conferencing to reduce COVID-19 contamination


The digital tools transforming specialist scope of practice

Medical specialists are taking advantage of telehealth tools and digital health records to transform their practice and offer better care to...

Secure video conferencing for your business

Give your patients and clients access to your services, staff and specialists from the comfort of their own homes.


Remote care has never been...

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