Video Tutorial: Creating a Form

Digital forms are a perfect way to add convenience for your patients. Learn more about different form components that help you capture important information and consent prior to appointments.


Creating a digital form through HotHealth allows you to remove the need to collect and store paper and...

5 key ways to minimise patient recall

How can you ensure you apply patient recall and patients re-book follow up appointments?


The digital tools transforming specialist scope of practice

Medical specialists are taking advantage of telehealth tools and digital health records to transform their practice and offer better care to patients.

3 ways to minimise 'no shows'

Patients who don’t show up for their appointments are a frustrating, expensive cost to your business, but thanks to new technology, tools are...

The Benefits of an Online Booking System

As the world changes and technology evolves, many businesses are introducing an online booking system to help improve their work efficiency as well...

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